There’s No Place for PED Users in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Performance enhancing drugs have been around for quite some time and they have definitely made their mark on the world of sports, baseball being one of them. When it comes to the Hall of Fame, however, in my opinion, the Hall of Fame should be unmarred by players who chose to use performance enhancing drugs.Yes, there are players currently in the Hall of Fame who have used PEDs. But, there are currently players who have been nominated to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but they are being held back from officially being inducted for the reason of PED use.

This brings me to my first argument. PEDs were not as serious of a deal back in the day. Today, they have become much more prominent of an issue and the ban is being enforced much more heavily. Random urine tests doubled in the 2014 season and punishments for positive tests results have become more severe.  Because the anti-doping agencies are becoming more serious about the issue, I believe the Hall of Fame should, too.

I also believe that PED users should not be inducted into the Hall of Fame because whether they like it or not, they serve as role models for our nations youth and aspiring athletes. Our nations young athletes look up to professional players and want to be them some day.  How horrible would  it be for these young athletes to look up to someone who got inducted into the Hall of Fame but is a user of PEDs? In other words, look up to someone who cheated and got inducted. We don’t want our athletes of the future to think it’s a good thing to cheat and make it big time.

My sources:

MLB, MLBPA announce stronger testing, harsher penalties for PEDs


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