NBA & NFL College Requirement

In my opinion, college should not be a requirement for athletes to be drafted into the NFL or NBA. There are two main reasons why I believe this. The first reason is because I do not think that athletes who clearly have a career made in professional sports, whether it be in the NBA or NFL, should have to waste money on a college education that they will not use. Athletes who are destined for a career in professional sports should not be required to go take classes they don’t want to take or spend money on classes they won’t need later on in life. Then comes the argument about making money later on in life if the athlete decides to end his career with the NBA or NFL. If that athletes makes a smart decision with his money, he will have plenty of retirement money set up to live on. Professional athletes make more money in one year than many of us will ever make in our entire lives. Kobe Bryant’s rookie contract was worth $3.5 million. That in itself is enough money to live off of and to start a solid retirement fund.

The second big reasons why I believe that college should not be a requirement for NBA or NFL destined athletes is because the risk of suffering an injury that could end an athlete’s career is just too high. Take Tyrone Protho, former Alabama wide receiver, for example. He was destined to make a career in the NFL but while playing a game against the Florida Gators, he suffered a horrific leg injury that ended his career right then an there, before it even really started. Imagine how successful he would have been if he could have avoided that situation completely and gone straight onto the NFL. Yes, there is definitely the possibility of getting injured in a professional game, too, but then the athletes are already getting paid and have established their career. Playing in college presents way too high of a risk of getting injured before a great athlete’s career can ever really start.



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