Let’s Get Sporty

Chadron State College has various NCAA and intramural sports to get involved in. Students enjoy the competition of Division II sports such as football, girls volleyball, softball, wrestling, girls and boys basketball, girls golf, and girls and boys cross country. Chadron State also has many sports clubs and intramural sports for athletes who love the sport but don’t necessarily want to get involved in the high-end competition of NCAA sports. Just to name a few, CSC offers rodeo, intramural flag football, basketball, and many others.

If CSC were to add another NCAA sport, there are many factors that would play into the final decision of what sport to add. These factors include revenue, cost effectiveness, popularity, and available equipment and facilities. In my opinion, there are many options for what CSC could consider as a new sport to add. The best ones to consider would be tennis, baseball, or soccer. I based these “best” options on the consideration factors I mentioned earlier.

Tennis could be added as a girls’ and boys’ sport. Chadron already has three tennis courts that could be used for practice. The only problem with those three tennis courts is that they do not provide an area for spectators to watch a tennis match. This would deter fans from coming and watching if Chadron were to host a competition, thus decreasing revenue significantly. The cost effectiveness of tennis, though, would be satisfactory because the tennis players would purchase their own rackets. The college would just need to buy the uniforms.

Baseball would be added as a boys’ sport. Baseball would attract many spectators and thus bringing in a good amount of revenue. However, the cost of adding baseball would be quite expensive because the college would need to build a baseball facility and and would need to buy uniforms. The baseball facility would be quite expensive, which makes the cost effectiveness less than desirable.

Soccer would be a great addition to the sports offered by CSC because it is cost effective, popular, and it doesn’t require extensive facilities. CSC already has many adequate fields that could be used for soccer practice and competitions. The only thing that would need to be added is more bleachers¬†for spectators to sit during competitions. CSC would also need to add goal nets, but those are fairly inexpensive. Soccer is already a popular sport here at CSC with many students getting involved in the soccer club. Soccer would also bring in a solid amount of spectators and therefore bring in a solid amount of revenue.




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