NCAA Drug Testing Policy

The NCAA has established some very specific drug testing policies for its athletes. These drug testing policies can be found here in the complete NCAA Drug Testing Program Booklet. In my opinion, the majority of the rules and drug testing procedures that the NCAA has in place are very satisfactory.

One area of controversy is that street drugs should not be on the list of drugs banned by the NCAA. If street drugs were taken off of the list of banned drugs, NCAA athletes may be more inclined to use them. In this case, it would be completely the decision of the athlete to use drugs that have a very high likelihood of having a negative affect on his or her athletic performance and more importantly, his or her overall health and well-being. What I am saying here, is that I think it is a good thing to have street drugs on the list of banned drugs because it is an effort to try and keep the athletes safe and healthy.

One aspect of the NCAA banned drug list that I do not like, however, is that the list of banned drugs is listed by class, not by specific drug. The list of drug classes that are banned can be found here on the NCAA banned drugs poster. In my opinion, this leaves leeway for error or mistakes to be made by coaches, athletes, and athletic directors because there is a lack of specific drugs listed. I think that there should be a complete list of drugs, chemicals, and substances that are banned by the NCAA rather than just a list of classes of drugs. I realize that this would require a significant amount of effort, however, I think it would clarify the banned drugs much better.


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