Female Athletes and Body Image

Women involvement in sports has been criticized since way back when and unfortunately still is today. Another aspect of female sports that is quite unfortunate is its association with body image. There are many instances when female athletes are sexualized and simply seen as sexual figures rather than the dedicated athletes that they are. Women have been objectified for many, many years and just recently, there has been an uprise in controversy about feminism and objectifying women and things of that nature. Female sports are no different.

Often times, on sports magazines or even on sexual-related magazines, female athletes are posing practically nude, soaking wet, and looking as sexual as ever. I truly believe that many people choose to look at female athletes for their body and their looks rather than their performance on the field, court, ring or wherever they may perform. I think that this vision of female athletes needs to be gotten rid of but I do not see that happening any time soon. Images of women have always been used to sell different things and attract people’s attention to products and services. It’s even better if the woman posing for the photo happens to be a star soccer player, but people tend to ignore that fact and focus solely on her body image.

Women have been criticized and judged on their body image and only their body image for as long as we can remember. It is no different for female athletes, who are objectified and sexualized just as much as Victoria’s secret models. All too often, they are seen for only their body image and not their ability to perform extremely well in sports.


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